Advisory board meeting for the MUSA project launch

Advisory board meeting for the MUSA project launch

On June 24th the first meeting with the Scientific Advisory Board of the MUSA project took place. The aim of the meeting was on the one hand to herald the start of the project and on the other hand to discuss initial questions about the project. A big thank you at this point to the scientific advisor Dr. Quaisser, who invited us to the premises of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.

The welcome input from the scientific advisory board, Dr. dr Hahn (Senior Fellow Environmental Medicine, Exposure Department of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment) and Dr. Christiane Quaisser (head of collection development at the MfN) and the representative of the German Federal Environmental Foundation, Mrs Constanze Fuhrmann, inspired our project start in Berlin. Unfortunately, the other scientific advisor Prof. Dr. Stefan Simon from the Rathgen Research Laboratory.

We look forward to the inspiring collaboration and further valuable professional exchange during our MUSA research project.

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